LaRue Tactical XTRAXN Technology

LaRueTactical is proud to announce XTRAXN™ Technology, patent pending. In…

LaRueTactical is proud to announce XTRAXN™ Technology, patent pending.

In an industry full of hype and less-than-useful gadgets, every once in a while there is a breakthrough that works. While the fine-details of XTRAXN™ Technology are close-hold, we will say that this evolutionary process results in higher-reliability with a wider range of ammo and operating conditions. Simply put, we just made one of the best guns in the world better!

So, what is it? The process is not a coating or a lubricant. What we can tell you is – XTRAXN™ Technology provides excellent chamber release properties, gives longer life to the extractor components, and makes the entire operating system run smoother.

XTRAXN™ is a proprietary chamber feature added to reduce frictional forces caused by pressure-expanded cartridge cases bearing against chamber walls. Facilitates reliable extraction through a wide range of temperature / chamber pressure extremes. XTRAXN extends extractor life, while having no effect on the firearm’s accuracy. All this, and it dovetails well with the OBR’s world-famous accuracy.

If you have a PredatAR and OBR rifle on order…don’t worry, you’ll be one of the first to get this. Going forward, all LaRue PredatAR and OBR rifles will include XTRAXN™, without an increase in cost during this introduction.

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