Laser Convinced Surrender

I got to use the LaserMax again, this time in…

I got to use the LaserMax again, this time in a unique situation. A pair of armed suspects fled officers after reports of shooting-out windows. The guns turned out to be Walther PPK bb. guns. One suspect tackled after throwing his gun down. The other vanished into the woods. During my search, I located a drainpipe the diameter of a car tire. I turned on my (Insight) M3 and LaserMax and looked inside. Twenty yards down the pipe, a pair of feet were scurrying to escape my view. I brought the laser dot to the suspect’s attention and asked him if he could see it. He said, “Yeah, I see it. Don’t shoot me.” I told him “You know I’ve got you, don’t do anything stupid.” He said “okay” and agreed to turn around and shuffle out of the pipe. I have no doubt that the laser dot was what convinced him to surrender and come out. I was not excited about the idea of having to go in after him.

— B.M., Georgia Police Dept.

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