Lasermax Complete Laser Kit for Rifles

LaserMax announces a new Value Pack for Rifles which brings…

LaserMax announces a new Value Pack for Rifles which brings together everything a rifle owner would need to fully equip his or her rifle with a state of the art laser sighting system. The bundle includes the popular Uni-Max Rail Mount Laser, a Momentary Activation Switch (MAS) for remote activation, and the newly released MantaRail Momentary Cord Control System that securely attaches the MAS to the Picatinny rail while managing the cord with supplied clips.

Since its inception in 2006, the Uni-Max Rail Mount Laser has quickly become one the most popular laser sights due to its light weight, compact size, durability, and the flexibility to fit on most anything with a Picatinny rail from pistols to rifles and shotguns.

Previously, the persistent challenge with MAS pressure pads was the loss of adherence demanding re-application of Velcro, tape, or other adhesives making a sticky mess of your rifle. The MantaRail solves this issue by eliminating the need for any adhesives. Plus, with the clips included in the package, there’s no need to worry about the 6” MAS cord dangling or snagging. The clips fasten the cord up close to the rail. These three high quality, rigorously tested products are now available in one convenient Value Pack for Rifles at a special price of $219 MSRP.

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