LaserMax Guide Rod Laser for Springfield XD-M

LaserMax Inc. announces their newest Guide Rod Laser sighting system…

LaserMax Inc. announces their newest Guide Rod Laser sighting system for the Springfield Armory XD(m), both full size, .40 caliber and 9 mm. As is the case with all LaserMax Guide Rod Laser sighting systems, the functionality of the laser will not interfere with the ergonomically designed grips. This innovative laser design has always provided for the most accurate and durable threat assessment available in a laser sighting system.

The XD(m) guide rod, like all our Guide Rod Laser sighting systems, is user installed accurate with factory alignment and “no gunsmithing” required. Simply replacing the existing factory guide rod and takedown lever with our laser sighting system and patented activation switch and you gain immediate, reliable First Shot Confidence.

Our Guide Rod Laser sighting systems add no weight to your firearm and are designed for use in existing holsters. It leaves the limited Picatinny rail space open for other accessories. Our laser, at 10 pulses per second, is scientifically assessed to produce the optimum in visibility for the human eye when enveloped by stress.

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  • Ace Buckner

    I just purchased xdm .40 and saw they’re making the laser for it now and immediately jump to their site to order one, and over 2 months later they don’t even have so much as an anouncement posted? Shame.

  • Corben

    Yeah babay. They haven’t updated their site though. It’s not in the products page for the xdm