When an LEO goes into harm’s way without body armor,…

When an LEO goes into harm’s way without body armor, he is putting himself and his compatriots in danger. Armor can help him survive an attack and protect his partners.

Incredibly, there are still cops going into harm’s way without body armor. At a recent International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference, attendees learned new ways to motivate other officers to armor up. More than 3,000 documented survivors are hard to ignore!

In October, 2010 in Orlando, Florida, I joined Dr. Fabrice Czarnecki, a senior consultant to the IACP on medical issues, and two other speakers in a 90-minute panel discussion on issues in police officer injury and death prevention. The subject of armor came up again and again.

Dr. Czarnecki noted that a Rand Corporation study of officers killed by felons indicated that an average of 8.5 lives would be saved in each year if all cops wore armor all the time at work. He noted that a significant number of police personnel die of gunshot wounds each year that would have been prevented by conventional under-the-shirt ballistic vests.

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