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New Law Enforcement Guns & Gear For Fall 2014

Come along to the 2014 International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) show to see newest law enforcement guns and gear!
LEO Fall 2014 gear HoverFly

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The 2014 International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) show, held in Orlando, Fla., was a showcase for cutting-edge technology for law enforcement. Ranging from new guns and vehicles to equipment and technology, this was the place to find the newest and greatest in products for the law enforcement community.

Read on to see some of most interesting law enforcement guns and gear from the show.


AquaBotix HydroView PRO SLE

LEO Fall 2014 gear AquaBotix

AquaBotix HydroView PRO SLE

Configured to meet the demands of security and LE groups, the HydroView PRO SLE offers users a submersible system that can provide users with observation and recovery capabilities. Available options include a manipulator arm, an external camera, a search sonar and a nitrate sensor.

For more information, visit aquabotix.com.


AV Inc. Qube UAS

LEO Fall 2014 gear AV Inc.

AV Inc. Qube UAS

Featuring the rugged durability and capabilities of its military-grade designs, but intended for LEOs, the Qube UAS features simplified control systems and a compact design that can fit in the trunk of a car. It has vertical takeoff capabilities, can provide high-resolution images and video, and features a 40-minute flight capability. It measures a scant 36 inches long and weighs in at 5.5 pounds.

For more information, visit avinc.com.


Black Creek Precision Breacher

LEO Fall 2014 gear Black Creek

Black Creek Precision Breacher

Offering ultra-compact power, the Black Creek Precision “Breacher” is built around either a Remington 870- or Mossberg 500-based shotgun system. The 3-inch-chambered weapon has a 2+1 capacity of 3-inch shells or a 3+1 capacity of 2¾-inch shells.

For more information, visit blackcreekprecision.com.



LEO Fall 2014 gear BRP


The Sea-Doo SAR (search and rescue) watercraft is designed to excel in trying environments. It is ideal for swift water, surf and flood rescue roles, and is also suited for evacuation and interception roles. The unit weighs in at 650 pounds and features a heavy-duty front bumper and dual running boards.

For more information, visit brp.com.

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