LEGACY SPORTS’ Cherokee Pistols

Tactical-Life.com brings you the newest products live from the NASGW '08 show, such as Legacy Sports’ Cherokee handguns!


This is the second pair of new pistols introduced at NASGW by Legacy Sports. These are manufactured in Israel and chambered in 9mm. The first pistol is called a Cherokee Full Size and the second is a Cherokee Compact. These semi-autos are short-recoil operated with a locked breech using a modified Browning-type lockup. Variations of these two pistols are widely used by Israeli security agencies. Both double action models use the same 17-round, double stack magazine and feature a frame mounted safety. In keeping with the tactical theme, there is an integral Picatinny rail on the lower for lights or lasers. They are both reasonably priced at $575 each. Visit www.Legacysports.com for more information.


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  • Rick Billingsley

    would like to buy a cherokee.