LENCO’s LE BearCat

  The Lenco BearCat was initially developed as a tactical…


The Lenco BearCat was initially developed as a tactical armored vehicle for special operations units within the law enforcement community. The Lenco BearCat has defeated may attacks on SWAT teams and operators on overseas battlefields.

At IACP, Lenco displayed a LE Model used by the Honolulu PD. Featuring ballistic armor throughout, a top hatch allows for fire support from within the vehicle. Hand rails run along the top of the vehicle for external deployment as well as a stepguard along the base of the truck. The thick class also offers ballistic protection and rear doors swing out 50/50. Sized to fit public roads, maneuvering the BearCat is simple, even in urban areas. A winch assist is located on the bumper/push bar and specially design vents protect from bullets entering the engine compartment. Two gun ports are integrated at the rear doors and two on each side of the BearCat. A padded bench and fans help team members stay comfortable and cool within the vehicle. For more information, visit www.armoredtrucks.com.



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