Liberty Ammunition Halo Point Civil Defense .45 ACP, .40 S&W, 9mm

Liberty Ammunition’s Halo-Point® Civil Defense handgun projectile is a monolithic,…

Liberty Ammunition’s Halo-Point® Civil Defense handgun projectile is a monolithic, hollow-point, lead-free handgun projectile that significantly outperforms traditional lead-based handgun ammunition across every metric. Liberty Ammunition’s handgun rounds have historically only been available to the Military, and have up until recently have been guarded by the Department of Defense under a Level III secret review.


Now, after customization specifically for US Law Enforcement and Civilian Handgun Markets, the breakthrough performance projectiles are being made available to a broader target audience for the first time in 9MM, 40 S&W, and 45ACP calibers. Halo-Point® Civil Defense handgun rounds reach velocities of greater than 2000 feet per second overcoming historical stopping power, accuracy, and range issues. At 25 meters, Halo-Point® achieves less than 2 inches dispersion , 12 inches of penetration, and a wound cavity greater than 5 inches in diameter. Halo-Point® Civil Defense rounds have many of the same performance characteristics as their Halo-Point® Military counterparts. However, Halo-Point® Military rounds penetrate Level IIIA vest armor at 25 meters, and as such are limited only for US military and law enforcement sales.

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  • Fritz

    I just need to know where to buy them and how much money to spend

  • Roger DuFonte

    Shot these today.Sounded like a cannon compared all my other ammo. Recoil felt more than regular but not as snappy follow up shots were faster.

  • johnny mcgee

    I shot some of these today and was very impressed. they are pricy but worth it.

  • concealedcourier

    I hear the monks chanting…