Libyan opposition briefly detains, then frees British special forces.

A group of British special forces who were briefly detained…

A group of British special forces who were briefly detained by the opposition in eastern Libya have left the country, along with a diplomat, sources told CNN Sunday.

In a statement, British Foreign Secretary William Hague described the group, and their release, in more vague terms.

“I can confirm that a small British diplomatic team has been in Benghazi. The team went to Libya to initiate contacts with the opposition. They experienced difficulties, which have now been satisfactorily resolved. They have now left Libya,” Hague said in a statement.

“We intend, in consultation with the opposition, to send a further team to strengthen our dialogue in due course. This diplomatic effort is part of the UK’s wider work on Libya, including our ongoing humanitarian support. We continue to press for Gadhafi to step down and we will work with the international community to support the legitimate ambitions of the Libyan people.”

Sources said the forces were leaving on board the British warship HMS Cumberland.

Source: CNN

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