Life’s Too Short

It was Easter morning and I was out all night…

It was Easter morning and I was out all night working a drug lab, again. This was a nasty one with a shed full of contaminated cookware, lab trash, spilled chemicals and about 10 ounces of white methamphetamine still drying in a dish. In the house, dirty dishes were piled on every countertop and table. The sink was full and smelled very foul. The house was in a shambles with dirty carpets and no sheets on the beds. There was a dead mouse in a trap behind the kitchen stove.

On the living room sofa amongst dirty clothes and trash, were four Easter baskets lined up in a row. The four children, ages 3 to 10, were fast asleep despite all the noise of the fire engines and Hazmat crew. The parents were also present and waiting in handcuffs for transport to the county jail. Since there was no immediate hazard to the children, I let them sleep until the Child Protective Services (CPS) worker arrived.

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