Lightfield Home Defender for 12, 20 and .410 Gauge Shotguns

Lightfield is pleased to announce the release of our “Home…

Lightfield is pleased to announce the release of our “Home Defender” line of ammunition for 12, 20 and .410 gauge shotguns. Lightfield is offering our patented polymerprojectiles which have found great success in the law enforcement and corrections market for home defense use. Lightfield‟s popular NOVA-DR provides a high volume, non-projectile „warning shot‟ option in all three gauges.


The Home Defender line offers advantages not otherwise available in its class. Polymer or „rubber‟ projectiles offer a high level of deterrent capability while reducing thepossibility of injury or death to family members.


The Home Defender in 20 and .410 gauge Rubber Buckshot provides an option for those with small bore shotguns or revolvers and derringers chambered for the .410


The Lightfield Home Defender is priced far below any other comparable type of ammo available today.

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  • ARA

    My wife has been reluctant to take the step of carrying a weapon for self defense. This new .410 rubber buckshot round opens a possibility for her. This round and a Bond Arms Snake Slayer might be just the thing for her!