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Rambo 3

Lights, Camera, Firearms: Hollywood’s AKs

From movies to television, late author John Fasano gives us a look at the Kalashnikovs (AK) and their high-profile presence in entertainment.

John Fasano was a renowned Hollywood director, producer and screenwriter, but to Harris Publications he was a gun writer—someone who knew firearms through and through, and was very good at using and reviewing them. John contributed to a wide variety of Harris titles, including Tactical WeaponsRifle FirepowerCombat HandgunsMilitary SurplusGuns of the Old West and GLOCK Autopistols—to name just a few. On Saturday, July 19, John died, in his sleep, at the age of 52. Saddened at losing not only a top contributor, but also a genuine friend, we at Harris offer our condolences to John’s wife Edie and their family.

What follows is something of a Fasano specialty—an article tracing the use of a particular firearm in TV shows and cinema. Here John takes a look at the iconic AK-47, which, as John shows, adorns not just countless militaries worldwide, but plenty of TV shows and movies, too.

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