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Lights, Camera, GLOCKs: The Best of John Fasano

Author John Fasano died in sleep Saturday evening, July 19, but left Harris readers with years of entertainment from Hollywood.

Harris Publications has had the pleasure of putting together and publishing GLOCK Autopistols magazine since 1995. In 2005, gun writer and Hollywood jack of all trades John Fasano proposed writing an article examining the wide use of GLOCK handguns in TV shows and movies. John, a prominent producer, director and screenwriter, certainly knew the subject matter, as the resulting article, “Lights, Camera, GLOCKs,” showed. Thorough, detailed and, most of all, fun, John’s piece, like a lot of his screen work, was a hit; and like a hit film it had its sequels—in every issue since we’ve gladly published John’s Hollywood roundups, to the delight of handgun and screen buffs alike.

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John Fasano died in his sleep Saturday evening, July 19. He was 52. John contributed ably to a number of Harris titles, not just GLOCK Autopistols; but probably no piece of his is as beloved as his work on Hollywood GLOCKs. In honor of John, we present here all 10, as well as his fascinating piece, published in the 2014 issue, on the Hollywood armorers who provide GLOCK pistols for the big and small screen. Luckily (if that’s the word to use on so sad an occasion), what you’re about to read isn’t, or won’t be, the sum total of John’s GLOCK work. Sitting in the Harris vaults is his contribution to the upcoming 2015 issue, which hits newsstands in January. We’ve read it, and we can tell you: It’s good.

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