Loksak re-sealable element-proof storage bags

aLoksak Multi -Pak – Several of our waterproof bags only.…

aLoksak Multi -Pak – Several of our waterproof bags only. These bags are used with absolute success unless abused or sealed improperly. As documented on our website, they were vigorously tested by the Navy (SEAL’s) down to 200’ without leaking and I will personally assure you they are still used by them today.

All Products – Our absolutely water-proof bags (aLoksak), our water and odor proof bags (Opsak), our radio frequency blocking bag (Shieldsak) and our accessory pouches (Splashsaks) that house the bags in a variety of practical ways.

Desert-Lake Rifle – Our very unique bag initially supplied to the military and made for both the M-16 (12”x48”) and the M-4 Carbine (12”x44”).


Opsak-Pak – Our water, odor and vapor-proof bags. A bit more expensive but also quite multi-faceted. Used by campers, waste disposal personnel, evidence management, tobacco distributors, seniors who wear diapers, etc. Loksak.com.

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