Lone Star Lawmen

Located in East Texas just north of Houston, Montgomery County…

Located in East Texas just north of Houston, Montgomery County is home to blistering temperatures, rugged terrain, Gulf Coast hurricanes, and an array of criminal activities that include a recent uptick in armed robberies and auto thefts. There’s also a wave of drug-trafficking fueled not only by local demand but by the ongoing drug war just south of the border.

This 1,000-square-mile tract of land, one of the fastest-growing counties in the U.S., is home to the Montgomery County Sheriff department, comprised of more than 350 officers. Among this superb force of men and women is the impressive S.W.A.T. team that’s called upon in all high-risk situations. It features a core of six full-time, highly trained door-kickers, supported by as many as 14 volunteer S.W.A.T. members—a major key to their success. Like most cops, these S.W.A.T. officers are on a mission to maintain order, because this is where they’re raising their kids. At the end of the day, this small team operates like a family—albeit one that’s armed to the teeth.

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