Lone Wolf Carbine controls are all standard AR-style, even though…

Lone Wolf Carbine controls are all standard AR-style, even though it’s chambered in 9mm.

Those who know Lone Wolf Distributors know them as a one-stop shopping center for all things Glock. While that is certainly true, Lone Wolf fans might be surprised to learn that they are now in the carbine business, having developed an AR-pattern carbine that should prove to be ideal as a light and handy law enforcement patrol carbine. Despite dipping into the long gun market, Lone Wolf has stayed true to their roots.

Lone Wolf Distributor’s new 9mm carbine offers the familiarity of the AR with the added benefit of being able to use your Glock 17/18 magazines. Shown here with a Burris FastFire II red dot sight.

Just released is the new Lone Wolf Distributors 9mm Carbine. As you might expect, this new long gun shares many similarities to the original M4 Carbine, but it has unique features as well. The most noticeable is the fact that the LWD carbine is fed by standard Glock 17 magazines, Glock 26 magazines all the way through G33 magazines, or the 33-round G18 magazines. I’ve tested numerous AR carbines chambered for 9mm cartridges over the years. The Achilles’ heel for most has been the magazine. Glock magazines, since their introduction, have been historically reliable and less expensive than similar steel magazines.

The 9mm barrel uses a NATO-spec flash suppressor/muzzle brake.

Beginning with the base of the gun, you will notice that that lower receiver was purpose-built to accept a 9mm pistol magazine. Other manufacturers have attempted to modify standard AR lowers by using magazine blocks, etc. with limited results. Although it shares a similar silhouette with other black rifles, the LWD lower is a bit unique. This is particularly apparent when you get a look at the magazine release button and the triggerguard.

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  • What ammo are you guys using for a test. I have send my Lone Wolf complete upper and lower back with barrel troubles. It still will not feed anything consistence. I love the gun but am tired of sending it back.

  • Dan mahoney

    PLEASE consider a 9 mm upper receiver conversion that utilize GLOCK magazines. States like Ca. Allow Grandfathered AR-15’s to be registered, but the purchase of another AR-15 is forbidden based on our Assault Weapon Laws.

  • I think a 10mm is a great idea. I’d also like to see the platform in .45 ACP and .40 S&W. A great addition to this platform would be the Beta-C Mag for the Glock 17/18 9mm 100Rnd Magazine. Combined with any quality Red Dot this platform looks to be a real winner to me. I can’t wait to buy one of my own. If I could get it in .45 ACP or .40 S&W I’d buy it today. 10mm I don’t have yet but I think if Lone Wolf built this platform for that caliber I would seriously consider adding a Glock 20 to my arsenal. Just my 2 Cents.

  • Used to carry a Colt 9MM, and like it said that was the worst part of the system. Looks like you have over come that sticky situation very nicely.
    I have also carried an HK-MP10MM The only draw back that i saw to that weapon system is that it beat itself to death.When it was working it was great,when it was working! Have you had any thoughts on making an AR based 10mm? I think it would have very good ballistis on an AR base and it would definately serve as a good companion to my Glock 20-10mm.