M14/M1A CASM Scope Mount

A “new generation”, “4-point” mounting solution for your M14 or…

A “new generation”, “4-point” mounting solution for your M14 or M1A rifle that “unitizes” the mount to the M14 receiver to create an exceptionally secure M14 optics platform, was released today by M14.ca. It is the first 4-point M14 scope mount, engineered to eliminate that troublesome “left leg” used by most of the current scope mounts, and all of the on-going problems associated with that mounting approach.

“No more loose side mount screws, no more rotation under recoil around that side screw (which leads to loss of vertical zero) and no more shimming to set the proper tension and windage for horizontal zero on out specification receivers. Also, no more having to use Epoxy® or welding, and no more worrying about over-torquedside screws shearing off.,” says a company representative of M14.ca, the scope mount’s manufacturer.



“We use the M14/M1A rear sight pocket as a large, solid and consistently dimensioned mounting surface area for our scope mount. Previous scope mount designs use the M14/M1A receiver side screw hole and the much smaller stripper clip guide dovetail slot, both of which are often out of specification. The 4-point retention system begins at the back of the mount, which is tensioned upwards by an over-sized 5/16″ half dog tipped set screw, which rotates the mount around the two tapered head 1/4″ self centering screws in the rear sight ears. This upwards tension at the rear, forces the front of the mount tight to the front of the receiver.

By design, the mount is installed with the front end a few degrees down from true to the bore horizontal. Then, the front of the mount is pre-tensioned up by another 5/16″ half dog tipped set screw, which creates a unitised receiver and mount assembly.”

The vertical and the horizontal contact screws are then locked in place with individual locking set screw, and optionally, with the included Blue Loctite®. This approach keeps all four of the oversized contact screws effectively double-locked, to maintain proper adjustment, and ensure absolute “bullet proof” security. Your new generation M14 scope mount won’t come loose.


The M14/M1A CASM® scope mount from M14.ca, is solid, sturdy, and secure, and is a great new addition to an up and coming new line of innovative products for your M14 rifle.

For more information, please visit their web site at www.m14.ca.

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  • Jamie

    Great mount! I actually have one, unlike Ben.
    An Great Improvement for a Great Rifle:)

  • Ben

    Were is the 4 point’s?
    All that is mentioned is the to rear sight wholes. Also anyone who knows the M14 platform also knows that the recoil on this firearm and the barrel whip that this rifle produces would bounce this mount all over the place. Also lets not forget that the rail is made from aluminum that is doing the bouncing. Also I love the idea of a front pad. It sound’s like it would be perfect for digging a whole in the top of my receiver. Who ever plan’s on buying this doomed to fail mount better have a great warranty plan for there optic because I don’t see it lasting on there for very long!