Featuring plenty of firepower and all the family values of…


Featuring plenty of firepower and all the family values of the world-famous Desert Eagle, the incredible new “Baby” Eagle II is offered in three calibers (9mm, .40S&W and .45CAP), and three frame sizes (full-size, semi-compact and compact). Available with steel or lightweight polymer frames, all Baby Eagles feature chrome-lined polygonal rifled barrels for higher velocities, less bullet deformation and increased barrel life with less fouling.

be_full_matt-black_t.gifA new and improved ergonomic LPA low-profile rear sight provides for unsurpassed accuracy. For safety, the Baby Eagle II comes with an ambidextrous decocking safety with firing pin block. For convenience, Picatinny rail compatibility provides a standardized mounting platform for telescopic sights and other accessories, such as tactical lights and laser sighting modules.

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  • chris carlisle

    I just got one on mothers day from gander mountain. I was having the same problem nobody knew how long it was to take to get. I decided to go and order it and to my amazment it was at the store in less than 24 hours. If you have a gander mountainn near by try your luck, the gun is so worth the wait for such quality

  • Searching

    Anyone know where to get one in .40 S&W? Everywhere I look they are out of stock with an unknown re-stock date.

  • Double eagle

    I just bought 2 of the brand new Jericho’s they say Jericho on them and are 9mm I got the black one first and did some research and apaerently the brushed crome one I bought is kinda rare . So I picked it up to . Can’t wait to shoot them !

  • Roberto R. Martinez

    Where can i get the baby eagle II .40 S&W

  • Cavedweller

    Something I forgot to say.
    Since they gave the Baby Eagle name to there Walther P99 hybrid, it doesn’t make sense to put the same name to a completely different pistol. I think it is a very poor marketing decision.

  • Cavedweller

    I think when the Jericho 941 came out with the 9mm/.41AE kit it was a very good idea. Why can’t they have a 9mm/.40 s&w kit as well. If they did I think there would be a waiting list to get it, regardless of what they called it. IMHO i think the .41AE died because AE was relatively unkown where S&W has been known a long time and there appearance on the market was too close for the .41AE to get any foothold.

  • Kurt

    Why does it have to be called Baby Eagle?!! The moment the pidtol was imported as the Jericho 942 I got one. I would never buy a pistol by the name Baby “anything”. I have 3 friends that liked my pistol and were about to buy one each (in varying configurations), however all three have decided on different pistols solely because of the name change back to Baby Eagle. Other than coming from Israel the two weapons have no connection… so why?

    The Desert Eagle has always gone by that name. The Jericho 941 HAS HAD FOUR DIFFERENT NAMES!!?! Why? It does nothing but create confution about the pistol and denigrate it’s quality. Leave the name as Jericho 941, a proud name for a quality weapon. A person wanting to buy a Desert Eagle will not be swayed by the name to buy a lower caliber pistol! They want a .50 cal or .44. We who would like to have a useful, quality handgun for all accasions will buy a Jericho 941, by the name “Jericho 941” not Baby Eagle, Uzi Eagle, Baby Eagle II, or Desert Eagle Pistol.

  • dominic lustre

    I own a baby Eagle and it’s been with me for more than 8 years now. and it is still reliable, it is so far the best Autoloading pistol i’ve ever used. Thanks IMI.

  • CDS

    I have had the .40 for a couple years now. Incredible pistol. Love the size and weight. Even my girlfriend enjoys shooting it.

  • Ronald Raymond

    I have the Baby Eagle in 45 acp. I love the weapon but have to carry weapon in my belt or in a fanny pack. I cant seem to find a conceable holster. I cant beleive Magnum Research or IMI does not even offer a duty holster.

  • I’ve had my Baby Eagle 40,for over 10 years now,is the most accurate,and most dependable autoloading pistol, I have ever owned,I shot a whitetail deer with it 2 years ago at around 50 yard’s and it dropped dead in it’s tracks,I’m seriously looking to add the baby eagle 45 to my arsenal.

  • gene

    I own a Baby Eagle .45. It is extremely accurate, feels good in the hand and seems to be as reliable as anything out there. Plus it packs incredible power in a smaller than usual frame.
    Would love to have had the Picatinny rail option– those getting the BE II are lucky this option is available!


  • Sean Fitzpatrick

    They finally added a rail to the baby eagle! Only thing it needed too. Go for the steel frame 40 cal, accurate as hell, great grip for smaller hands