Magpul Dynamics’ “Art of the Dynamic Handgun”

Beginners, intermediates and advanced shooters alike will all benefit from…

Beginners, intermediates and advanced shooters alike will all benefit from this highly instructive training package that explores every facet of handling, carrying and shooting handguns. Whether you’re a competitor, in law enforcement or the military, or just a responsibly armed citizen, this DVD explains and demonstrates how the handgun is more than just a tool – it’s a critical factor in your own survival. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how a handgun operates and greater insight on how to use it effectively.

Magpul Dynamics instructors Travis Haley and Chris Costa push students of various backgrounds to their limits of failure in live drills, and then show them the tactics and skills they need to conquer an opponent in a firefight. Disk 1 focuses on grip position, draw, tactical and speed reloads, balancing speed and accuracy, clearing malfunctions, and shooting positions. Disk 2 coverage includes combat mindset, shooting on the move, reflexive firing, addressing threats from outside the direct line of attack, and reality checks, plus different scenarios law enforcement, military, and civilian personnel are likely to face. Disk 3 shows you the concealed carry lifestyle, how to draw from concealment, operating a weapon with only one hand, gear selection, and unique considerations for small concealable handguns. Disk 4 wraps it up with a discussion of ammo, suppressors, and accessories like belts, holsters, lights, and lasers, plus 40 quick-reference drills. Produced by Magpul Dynamics.

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