Marine Corps squadron flies final tour with Vietnam-era helicopter.

The CH-53D Sea Stallion has been serving the Marine Corps…

The CH-53D Sea Stallion has been serving the Marine Corps since the Vietnam War. Today, Marines still rely on this gray, school bus-sized helicopter.

One of the last squadrons to use them, Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 363 began flying the Sea Stallion in January 1969. In Afghanistan, the squadron flies these aircraft with 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing.

“It is a good aircraft that has performed very well,” said Lt. Col. Mark Revor, the commanding officer of Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 363.

“Our mission out here is assault support,” added Revor, from Apple Valley, Minn. “Our aircraft support the movement of equipment, cargo and combat troops throughout the battlefield.”

Many of the CH-53D Sea Stallions flying Afghanistan today also flew in Vietnam, said Master Sgt. Jason Vernam. Vernam, from Stafford, Va., said he has 15 years experience in the CH-53D Sea Stallion community and is currently serving as an advisor for 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (Forward)’s maintenance operations.

Source: Cpl. Justin M. Boling  , 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (Fwd) for War on Terror News

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