Marine who lost three limbs in Afghanistan returns home (video).

It may be evident that the small town of Ararat,…

It may be evident that the small town of Ararat, Va. considers 21-year-old J.B. Kerns an American hero after witnessing nearly 200 motorcycles gathered to escort the marine home.

The motorcyclists met Kerns at a pit stop on his way into Virginia and got back on the road to accompany him during the drive into Ararat.

Kerns lost both his legs and right arm after an IED blast in Afghanistan, but the community within his hometown is happy just to have him back. Many described him as the “hometown hero” and said it was a big deal for him to be returning.

The community has raised more than $50,000 to help the family with medical bills while Kerns spends each day undergoing tough physical therapy.


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