Marines apologize for sending Christmas ornaments to fallen marines and sailors.

Image: ABC News The Marines are apologizing for a well-intentioned…

Image: ABC News

The Marines are apologizing for a well-intentioned Christmas gift gone wrong that has upset the families of about 1,150 fallen Marines and sailors who received a Purple Heart Christmas tree ornament in the mail addressed to their deceased loved one.

Late last week the Marine’s Wounded Warrior Regiment mailed about 9,000 Christmas ornaments donated by the Semper Fi Fund, a charitable organization. The ornaments were intended for post 9/11 living Marine recipients of the Purple Heart, which is the award given to service members wounded in combat. Sailors awarded the Purple Heart while attached to or serving in support of Marine Corps units were to also receive the brass ornaments that contain an image of the Purple Heart in the center

Source: Luis Martinez for ABC News.

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  • Bill Norwood

    We received one of these very well done Purple Heart ornaments. Our son, Sgt Byron W. Norwood, USMC, was KIA in Fallujah in November 2004. We were honored to receive this and not upset at all. Journalists should not state as fact that which they do not know. The Marine Corps has honored Byron’s sacrifice and stays in touch regularly. God Bless the USMC and the Wounded Warrior Regiment.

  • GW

    One of the Mottos of the Marine Corp is “as long as the Marine Corps lives, so shall you, Semper Fi” The purple heart may have been a mistake for these families, but it shows that their sacrafice will not be forgotten

  • Jason Bourne

    Seems kind of a weird thing to be upset over…, but then again I don’t have a family member who has been KIA.