Marines discharge sergeant for Facebook posts.

Image: A sergeant will be discharged for criticizing President…


A sergeant will be discharged for criticizing President Barack Obama on Facebook in a case that called into question the Pentagon’s policies about social media and its limits on the speech of active duty military personnel, the Marine Corps said Wednesday.

Sgt. Gary Stein will get an other-than-honorable discharge and lose most of his benefits for violating the policies, the Corps said.

“I love the Marine Corps, I love my job. I wish it wouldn’t have gone this way. I’m having a hard time seeing how 15 words on Facebook could have ruined my nine-year career,” he told The Associated Press.

Source: CBS News

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  • Sgt. 0331

    I feel very badly for this hard charger. He gave so much to have lost everything now. However, as Marines we are held to a higher standard. Break the rules, face the consequences. This is one of the very reasons I choose to not have a Facebook account. Good luck Sgt. Stein in the next chapter of your life. I hope this was a learning experience, albeit a costly one.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Social Media is the downfall of alot of professionals. Think before acting or better yet just avoid it all. No Facebook, No Friends, No Drama