Marines frustrated by ban on memorial bracelets.

Image: The Marine Corps is clamping down on troops…


The Marine Corps is clamping down on troops who wear bracelets that commemorate friends killed in action. And Marines are fuming about it.

KIA bracelets worn by Marines vary in design; some are rubber, most are metal. They are all, however, considered unauthorized jewelry, according to Marine Corps uniform orders, but the regulation being used to ban them is enforced unevenly. Some commands turn a blind eye to it, with even senior leaders wearing them, while others have told Marines they are prohibited.

From North Carolina to California and Japan, where crackdowns are known to have occurred, and elsewhere around the fleet, the reaction to a Marine Corps Times call for opinions about the crackdown has been strong and substantial.

Some Marines said they would risk non-judicial punishment and continue wearing their KIA bracelets. Another respondent offered a more visceral response, saying, “They will have to pry it off my cold dead wrist to take it away from me. Don’t let them take yours away.”

Source: James K. Sanborn USA Today/Marine Corps Times.

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  • WaxWitty

    KIA bracelets worn by Marines vary in design. Some are made of rubber, but most are metal. They’re nearly identical to bracelets commemorating prisoners of war and troops missing in action. POW/MIA bracelets have been authorized under the Marine Corps’ uniform regulations dating to the Vietnam War.


    If a Marine is willing to die for me I say let them were it. Im not one to say you go fight for my freedom while yours are being taken away!

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    There is a reason jewelry isnt worn on duty. Wear it while your off or cover it.