Marines shift $2.4 billion to tactical vehicles in wake of Gates pruning.

Money budgeted for the canceled General Dynamics Corp. Expeditionary Fighting…

Money budgeted for the canceled General Dynamics Corp. Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle will be used for a variety of tactical ground vehicles over the next five years, according to Lieutenant General George J. Flynn.

The Marine Corps expects at the end of January to request information from defense contractors for three types of vehicles: the Marine Corps Personnel Carrier, an updated version of existing armored amphibious vehicles, and a new amphibious vehicle to carry rifle squads from sea to land, Flynn, head of the Marine Corps Combat Development Command in Quantico, Virginia, said today in a telephone news briefing.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates last week announced plans to cancel General Dynamics’s $15.5 billion Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle program as part of his drive to cut $178 billion over the next five years. The program’s budget for the next five years was $2.37 billion, Flynn said, and that was now available for the new vehicles.

The EFV is designed for amphibious landings in hostile environments. Congress, through this fiscal year, has approved $3 billion of the program’s $15.5 billion cost.

Source: Roxana Tiron for Bloomberg.

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