Marines won’t follow Army’s lead on new carbine.

Del-Ton put together a civilian legal version of the M16A4…

Del-Ton put together a civilian legal version of the M16A4 rifle, modeled after the preferred battle rifle of the United States Marine Corps. The M16A4 is a serious rifleman’s tool, and to genuinely appreciate its merits a shooter must be trained in the art of the rifle—concepts familiar to any Marine. The 20” barrel is fitted with a NATO-spec “birdcage” muzzle brake/flash suppressor.

The Marine Corps will not follow the Army if it selects a replacement for its M4 carbine but instead will settle on improving its fleet of M16A4s and M4s, acquisition officials told lawmakers Wednesday.

South Carolina Republican Rep. Joe Wilson to the House Armed Services Committee’s Subcommittee:

“Does the Marine Corps plan to procure a new carbine to replace the M4 or M16 and what is the Marine Corps’s current and future strategy for a new small arms weapon?” asked Wilson, whose district includes gun-maker FN Manufacturing LLC, a contender in the Army’s improved carbine competition.

“There is no replacement for the [M4] carbine,” said Brig. Gen. Daniel O’Donohue, director of the Capabilities Development Directorate, Combat Development and Integration for the Marine Corps.

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  • JJ

    They are cutting the defense budget by billions….Never gonna happen people. Unless it was a serious game changer!

  • kurt

    Other than dramatically less FTF’s, there is not much of a change. That’s enough for me to want to switch. But that’s me, I don’t like jams.

  • LG

    Just a heads up fellas;
    Other than submitting their SCAR to solicitations in replacing the AR platform; FN / “fabrique nationale” manufactures the M16 for the military along with COlt & other contracted weapon manufacturers.

  • JJ

    What does the FN dramatically bring to the table that is a game changer…..? Nothing! It isn’t worth the cost when they can improve on the current platform. When it was decided to switch to the M16A1, it was a big game changer… Rate of fire, smaller cailiber, (able to carry more ammo). With our superior training getting shots on target, the FN doesnt bring enough of a game changer to “re-outfit” our entire military, even though it is a great rifle…. Implementation means all new training, armours training, etc. Not worth it…! my .02..

  • kurt

    The FN SCAR is a better gun, They should switch.