Masterpiece Arms MPA57sst-ATACS Defender Semi-Auto

MasterPiece Arms, manufactures of the MPA MAC Line of semi-auto…

MasterPiece Arms, manufactures of the MPA MAC Line of semi-auto submachine pistols and carbines, is pleased to introduce the new MPA57sst-ATACS Defender semi-auto. Based on the successful, standard MAC design, the new MPA57sst-ATACS is available in a 5-inch fixed barrel pistol with A-TACS hydrographic coating. Available in 5.7x28mm with 20-round magazines standard, the MPA57sst-ATACS features a threaded barrel with ½ x 28 threads making it suppressor ready.

The MPA57sst-ATACS Defender Semi-Auto will come with adjustable sights, a side-cocker, scope mount and muzzle break and features all the accuracy, low recoil and performance expected from the Masterpiece Arms Defender series. MSRP will be $659.99.MPA57sst-ATACS

The new MPA57sst Semi-Auto (non-A-TACS Hydrographic Coating version) in action:

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  • Your right the real 5.7 ammo which is the “Red” box and not the “blue” box which the red is ‘HIGH SPEED’ Is almost only available to M&P the because its armor peircieng…the blue box is the “SPORTING” ammo for civillian use..its much weaker…I give much love to MPA for make a well made heavy duty 5.7 pistol that isint all polymer”plastic” and not charging u over a Thousand least i know i can bust out a hard window or fall on or drop the MPA the FnH 5.7 feels so light and delicate i own the mpa 45 mac 10 sidecocker and a mini mac tac 9mm i feel like im holding a Tank and The magazines loaded or empty could be used as a deadly weapon…

  • I searched the web for FiveSeven ammo, scarce, sold out, or very very expensive. How about a chambering in .223 short ~ .22 TCM?

  • Andy from CT

    That looks like it would feel like a metal 2×4 in the hand.