Now with a side-cocking mechanism, the Masterpiece Arms’ MAC-10 handgun has greater versatility.

MasterPiece Arms has made some innovative alterations to the traditional MAC-10, yielding a new level of versatility with the implementation of a side-cocking mechanism.

The placement of the cocking handle has been an issue for some with the MAC-10. Traditionally sitting on top of the barrel, the handle can cause an obstruction of view through the gun’s sights for some shooters. MasterPiece Arms saw this as a creative challenge and emerged with a new design for the cocking mechanism, the side-cocker.

Placing the cocking handle on the side of the gun removes any obstruction from the line of sight on top of the barrel. Additionally, MPA techs have placed a scope mount on the vacant space atop the barrel. With the ability to add your own optics, your MAC-10 becomes customized to your needs to give you the best results and the maximum accuracy available. Visit for more information.

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