Maximizing The Snubbie | .38 Special Snub Nose Revolvers

Get the most from your .38 Special revolver—best loads and practical accessories!

Introduced nearly 200 years ago, the venerable snubbie revolver is not only still around, but it’s as popular as ever. From the moment it was first introduced, it became the object of a love affair with both men and women that continues to this day. Women like it because it’s easily carried in a purse or coat pocket, and men like it because it fits nicely in an ankle rig or vest pocket.

snubbie.jpgWhy has the snubbie been popular for so long? The answer is simple. The snubbie is small, light, fast and easily concealed and can be handled with small hands. It was the weapon of contingency, not intent, and was carried widely but seldom used. All this time, the snub has been more of a comforting presence, rather than a widely used weapon. From a logical standpoint, this is probably why its inherent shortcomings have never really been addressed.

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