The new Maxpedition Jumbo E.D.C. Versipack has been upgraded and…

The new Maxpedition Jumbo E.D.C. Versipack has been upgraded and optimized based on feedback from hundreds of E.D.C. customers. Features include a main pocket (9″ x 8″ x 3″), divided front pocket (7″ x 6.5″ x 1.5″) and two side pockets, one with double zipper slides and the other that cinches shut to fit a 32-oz. Nalgene bottle. Other features include multiple PALS attachment points, a removable/adjustable waist belt and a sturdy shoulder strap, all built on a toup PU-coated 800-denier nylon fabric. MSRP $66.99. Available at or by calling 877-629-5556.

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  • I have one here in florida, I take my 45-1911 and sometimes my .380 with my own version of a tactical kit.I love it, Danny.

  • SSG Martuszewski,

    I appreciate the feedback.

    If you read my critique of this product then you’ll see that I was speaking of its use from the civilian side of the house.

    I was talking of its use as an alternative CCW platform.

    In that light your response is off the mark.

  • SSG Martuszewski

    I think you are truly missing the point Solomon. This is not to discredit your outlook on it, but to inform you of the market that these types of bags/packs are geared towards. The majority of personnel who buy this style of pack/bag are the hiker/outdoorsy person looks for. They are small but allow for a day’s worth of supplies to be carried.

    A true operator/Law Enforcement personnel would not use a single strap bag. It allows for the bag to move/shift to much when conducting missions. These bags sell like hot cakes within the CIV market, but I have yet to see a single Soldier use one during training or combat operations. As you pointed out, they have way to many short comings for tactical operations.

    If your element is using a bag like this, and you find it to be sub-par for the mission, may I suggest you relook what gear your guys are using for real world operations.

    To each his own

  • They are so missing the point with their gear design. The bottle pouch needs to go. Give us a zippered pouch on both ends. On the law enforcement edition same issue. No need to carry M-16 magazines. Give us the zippered pouches.

    The new belt system is a loser too. When I use the bag for concealed carry the belt holder was a big plus….now I have an additional belt that’s visible on my carry bag? Kinda points out that there is more going on than the eye can see.

    This might be a good interim step but they need to get contact real life people if they want to have this bag selling like the gen 1 did.

    Oh and might I add that going to the lower count fabric —it remains to be seen whether that’s a good idea or not. My old jumbo is holding up nicely will this new one?