Mayor Daley “annoyed that Chicago PD gun registry not up and running.

Mayor Richard Daley expressed frustration today that the Chicago Police…

Mayor Richard Daley expressed frustration today that the Chicago Police Department has not set up a database to let police officers and firefighters know how many firearms are registered in each home in the city.

The registry was a key piece of Daley’s new gun control platform this summer after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the city’s handgun ban in June. The mayor said it would help protect first responders by letting them know what kind of situation they might encounter when they went to calls in Chicago residences.

“It is annoying” that the registry isn’t yet in place, Daley said when asked about the topic after the City Council meeting.

“They should have it by now,” he said. “I’ll find out why they didn’t do that.”

The mayor said he doesn’t know why the database isn’t available to police and firefighters yet, but said it shouldn’t have taken this long.

“Maybe it’s bureaucracy. I would ask the superintendent,” he said.

The police department, which is run by Supt. Jody Weis, issued a statement this afternoon that said gun permit records are being entered and “will be complete in the coming weeks.” Officers will then be able to access the information on their in-car computers, the department said.

Source: John Byrne for Chicago Tribune.

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