McDowell Research, an Ultralife company, teaming with SPEAR Labs LLC,…


McDowell Research, an Ultralife company, teaming with SPEAR Labs LLC, introduces SOCOM-X™: a next-generation tactical communications headset and push-to-talk system that allows military, homeland security and law-enforcement personnel to both send and receive clear communication in the most extreme mission-critical (e.g., battlefield) environments without the risk of misinterpretation or giving away their concealed location.

socom-x_hires.gifIn addition to providing clear communication—the primary means used to increase situation awareness in any environment—the SOCOM-X also allows the user simultaneous control of up to three radios (or two radios and a laptop or intercom), thus replacing the use of multiple communications headset and push-to-talk systems while seamlessly integrating the majority of military tactical hand-held radio and intercom systems available on the market today.

Designed in consultation with the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL), the SOCOM-X also incorporates SPEAR state-of-the-art technologies such as superior hearing protection, sound localization and amplification, push-to-talk features for all radio lines, and an enhanced ECM boom (wind proof) microphone—all within a rugged, lightweight, low-profile design that meets or exceeds military standards.

Currently in test use by several government agencies and all branches of the US armed forces, including US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and several other of the world’s elite Special Forces—those who demand maximum efficiency—the SOCOM-X has already gained wide acceptance and praise, and is scheduled for formal roll-out in the Fall.

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  • John

    Tried these out for a few months. Seemed to work really well for us. Used it mainly for talking to aircraft. Aircraft had a little trouble hearing us unless the mouth piece was right on your lips. Overall though, worked pretty well.

  • Johny

    We were forced to try these headsets. Junk. Do not wast your money or time screwing with these. First off, they are cheaply made, fragile, definitely not up to the task of operating in rugged environments. Second, they made all kinds of funny noise, hisses, pops and hums. Third, they would not key the second radio. Fourth, tech support? The people at Mc Dowell that I spoke with were all worthless. Not a single bit of help.