MCMILLAN’s R79a Assault Rifle

Part of McMillan's new R79 line of AR-style semi-automatic rifles,…

Part of McMillan’s new R79 line of AR-style semi-automatic rifles, is the R79a Assault Rifle, which has a 5.56 NATO caliber (.223 Win) tailored for intermediat-range engagement. All rifles in McMillan’s R79 line utilize Mil-Spec components and it’s only a matter of time until any R79a buyer is provided a wide range of aftermarket accessories.


The Assault configuration of the R79a includes a flat-top receiver, 6-way adjustable buttstock, 16″ M4 style barrel in 1×9 twist with a cutout for a grenade launcher, A2 flash hider, bayonet lug, and one 30-round magazine. A detachable carry handle with rear sight is included. Its weight is 6.7 lbs.

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