Leomedicus TRIK (Trauma Rapid Intervention Kit)

Designed specifically for operators with no medical training, the Trauma…

Designed specifically for operators with no medical training, the Trauma Rapid Intervention Kit is the premiere injury response system for law enforcement, military, and private security. Using his unique experience both on-scene and in the operating room, trauma surgeon and SWAT officer Dr. Andrew Dennis has designed the TRIK to combat the primary life-threats of domestic service:

-Extremity Hemorrhage

-Airway Compromise

-Tension Pneumothorax


The TRIK is vacuum-sealed, weather-proof, and at 6.5″ x 7″ x 1.5″ is small enough to fit the cargo-pocket of any duty pant. It contains the following critical interventions:

-4″ Israeli Battle Dressing (Compression Bandage/Tourniquet)

-26fr Nasopharyngeal Airway and lubricant (Airway Assistance)

-Mylar Emergency Blanket (Shock Control)

-5″x8″ ABD Gauze Pad (Wound Packing/Hemorrhage Control)

-3.5″ Steel Trauma Shears

-3/4″ Medical Tape

2 pair L latex-free nitrile gloves

Full-color photographic instructions for usage of the kit and it’s contents are available for download at www.medicaltactics.com. The TRIK is the sister-system to the Medical Tactics for Law Enforcement education module, a single-day course in medical response for the LEO. For ordering instructions, or more information on the TRIK and it’s contents, please visit www.medicaltactics.com.




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  • DJB213

    This is a great kit with everything an officer needs to provide self and buddy aid. It is compact and easy to carry and deploy.