METRAVIB has developed its new "jewel": The PEARL (Personal Equipment…

METRAVIB has developed its new “jewel”: The PEARL (Personal Equipment Add-on for Reactive Localization)

PEARL is a dedicated and low cost gunshot detection and localization system to be considered as an add-on for assault rifles, sniper rifles, vehicle-mounted machine guns/crew served weapon stations, GPMGs (General Purpose Machine Guns) and AGLs (Automatic grenade launchers).

PEARL can be used for multiple missions and applications: situational awareness, FOB and Forces Protection, reconnaissance, border surveillance, counter sniping operations, convoy protection and classical maneuvers.

With PEARL mounted on a weapon, reaction time is dramatically reduced and survivability is increased.

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  • Ed

    So what does it do and Is it like the Boomarange system. It detects the direction where a shot came from in seconds. Whats the price on the PEARL?

  • Jman

    No AJ… not gay but the way of the future. Think about it, when all this technoligy catches up with better portability and this type of equipment gets smaller and smaller. Then watch out because this type of technoligy will be used against us????… learn it follow its weakness and prepare because this stuff just keeps getting better and better…. “Just Saying”…

  • AJ

    how about GAY! “Hey guys, look at my stupid sunshade”