MICROTECH Archangel 9mm

This pistol is one of those creations that everyone else…


This pistol is one of those creations that everyone else is overlooking. It has been in the works for more than a year and under a shroud of secrecy, but Microtech was showing off two prototypes of their new pocket pistol at the NRA show: The Archangel. It is a tiny pistol that carries a good supply of 9mm in a pocket-size package. The prototypes lacked a textured grip but Microtech said that the production models will have a nice gripping surface.

msar-3.jpgA departure from other pocket pistols, the Archangel features a dual-paddle release that follows the trigger guard for ambidextrous control. Two models will be initially available. One that is all black and an attractive two-tone black/stainless. The pistol can be optioned for a threaded barrel for intended use with a suppressor (not included).

What is also nice is the Pelican hard case it comes in, along with Microtech’s slim profile fast-action knife that’s perfect for carry. Two magazines come with each pistol and are constructed using the same indestructible material and waffle-cone design that is proven in their MSAR 556 carbine magazines. This will be a greatly received pistol and is a well-valued package. We can’t wait to shoot one!

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  • Are these photos © MSAR or Harris Publications?

  • Anthony

    I would like to get one of the Archangles, but it seems like they were not mass produced… if I’m wrong and they are out there I would like to know where to buy one?

  • Charles

    Lets see if it comes out! They said and showed a pistol caliber carbine at the 2008 SHOT SHOW and it never made it out to us.

  • Patty

    Looking like vaporware…. To bad, it would ell like hotcakes.

  • Patty

    Where and when I will take 2, Right NOW!

  • Gene

    Were can one of these archangle 9 mm pistols be found. know one seems to know did they ever get produced ?

  • david butcher

    where can i buy a archangel 9mm pistol

  • rushroman

    It wont compare to the LCP in price! I bought a Ruger LCP from Jays in MI. Sure I had to wait for 2 months but I carry a .40 semi so this would just b a back up. $312 out the door. Could care less about the knife. Just took the renewal course for my CPL and the instructor even liked the LCP. The only thing that would interest me is the 9mm.. but not enough to pay $800-$1k.

  • mortarman

    Where can I get one and when?

  • delicate! ;-). Thanks for the share

  • Bonedust

    MSAR wont be attemping to compete with the LCP-type guns. and how would one compete with the LCP availablity? backorder for 6 months and then recall it?

  • Fred

    Nice looking little gun. If the accuracy and reliability are there with a good price tag, it should be a winner.

  • Commander McBragg

    I don’t want the knife, it’s just bling..a CRKT folder for less than $50 can do anything that horribly overpriced blade can, but the gun with threaded muzzle is definitely on my list AFTER I hear from those who purchased and actually SHOT one extensively. My lady and I are looking for BUGs in 9MM and I hope this one is a real winner

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  • Lance

    Its Microtech, the knife in it comes with is 400 bucks just by itself, the pistol will probably be in the 800-1000 range

  • Looks interesting, I’m going to keep an eye on this one. The space in front of the trigger does look very small though.

  • greg

    winter 09 according to Microtech.

  • greg

    hello 9MM!! lcp is a 380

  • hi i want an archangel….,howmuch?? where are they available?? anyone know the specs???

  • Chris Myers

    Looks like a Ruger LCP buffed-up some. I wonder if it can beat the LCP on price and availability?