One of our favorite things at the show was the…


One of our favorite things at the show was the new dressing for the Microtech MSAR rifle in the ever-popular Multi-Cam- Very good looking carbine with switch-barrel capability.

– Bull Pup Rifle, Select Fire
– Gas Operated Rotating Bolt, Short Piston Drive
– 5.56mm (.223) or optional 6.8 SPC Remington conversion
– Semi-Automatic: 150 rounds per minute / Automatic: 700-850 rounds per minute
–  Barrel Groups: 4″ (355.6mm), 16″ (406.4mm), 20″ (508mm) 4150 Chrome Moly, Chrome Lined, or Dedicated Sound/Flash Suppressor *NFA Regulated Item
– Overall Length: 26″ (660.4mm), 27″ (685.8mm), 31″ (784.4mm)
– Pull Through Trigger System
– Integrated 1.5x optical sight, with open back-up iron sights
– Standard Stock: High Impact Resistant Synthetic Material in Multi-Cam
– Automatic 3 Position, lateral push through and drop safety
– 7.2 lbs. (3.26kg) empty weight
– 10/20/30/42 round magazine capacity

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