Mil-Dot Rangefinder 2.0 for iPhone

Mil-Dot Rangefinder for the iPhone takes the math out of…

Mil-Dot Rangefinder for the iPhone takes the math out of ranging targets using a mil-dot scope.  Real-time calculations provide instant range measurements in both yards and meters.  The simple interface allows for one handed operation and eliminates any need to manually type any measurements to range a target.

Standard Edition Features:

-Fast target ranging in both yards and meters
-US Army and USMC mil-dot reticles
-Multiple color schemes
-Multiple target anchor points
-Target Info display

Pro Edition Features:

– All standard edition features.
-Full featured ballistics calculator
-Fast windspeed/direction adjustment.
-Range card (ballistics chart)
-Point of impact indicator
-Bullet drop compensator
-Realtime windage/elevation hold readings
-Time to target
-Remaining velocity
-Remaining energy
-Multiple Ballistic Profiles
-Fast Unit Of Measure Switching

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  • Tom

    Just wanted to let you I recently released version 3.0. It has a completely redesigned user interface thats easier, faster and more accurate. Basic version is now free. The pro version has been renamed Mil-Dot Ballistics, and remains the same price. Lots of new features in Mil-Dot Ballistics, including a target size presets, moving target lead calculation and an extensive bullet library.