Milipol Paris 2013
Milipol Paris 2013

Milipol Paris 2013 – VIDEO

The Milipol exhibition attracts defense/security manufacturers from all around the world—check out's exclusive video coverage!

The Milipol exhibition has been feeding the demand for information related to the field of homeland security since the 1980s. At that time, a group of French law enforcement equipment manufacturers were worried that they had limited commercial contacts at an international level. While the aeronautics and defense sectors had their own exhibitions, companies within France’s interior-security sector did not have a platform for promotions and communications beyond the country’s borders. As a result, the idea of organizing a specific international exhibition began to take hold.

The EXPOL (Exposition Police) trade show provided the blueprint throughout the 1970s for Milipol’s current form. Milipol officially began in 1984 as the International Milipol Committee came into existence with the goal of promoting security technology and equipment. That same year, the first international Milipol exhibition was organized in Paris. In 1995 the exhibition acquired new dimensions thanks to the patronage of the French Ministry of the Interior. The Milipol Paris exhibition proceeded to become an official event along the same lines as the international Eurosatory exhibition for land armament, the Euronaval exhibition for naval equipment and the Paris Air Show.

Today, the international Milipol exhibition is recognized globally and attracts manufacturers from all around the world. Since 2009, Milipol has expanded the exhibition’s security focus to provide comprehensive solutions to specific natural disasters along with terrorist threats.

Check out’s exclusive video coverage!

Milipol 2013 – Sightmark Low-Profile Laser Pointer

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