Military scratches Ted Nugent from rockin’ at upcoming Fort Knox concert.

Image: The "Motor City Madman," Ted Nugent, wails away on…

Image: The “Motor City Madman,” Ted Nugent, wails away on his guitar during a concert for Sailors and their families at the United Service Organization (USO) sponsored concert held at Naval Support Activity, Naples, support site in Gricignano. Nugent was joined by country music star Toby Keith, who also performed some recently released songs. Nugent is also a spokesman for National Field Archers Association (NFAA), Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Big Brothers & Big Sisters, and the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) law enforcement program. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Lenny Francioni

The leadership at the Kentucky base decided to drop Nugent as the opening act for a June 23 concert.

“After learning of opening act Ted Nugent’s recent public comments about the president of the United States, Fort Knox leadership decided to cancel his performance on the installation,” says a message on the Fort Knox Facebook page.

Nugent called the Obama administration “vile, evil” and “anti-American” in remarks earlier this month to the National Rifle Association, of which he is a board member.

Source: Catalina Camia for USA Today.

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  • Tim Smith

    Ted Nugent dodged the draft in Vietnam. While he does some good charity work I find his right wing posturing pretty hollow given what he did to evade service during a war. I wouldn’t let him set foot on a military installation simply because of that.

  • Nathan

    Although i’m certainly not a fan of our current President, and i am indeed a fan of Ted Nugents, i must admit that i think his comments about Obama were completely irresponsible. If some lefty Democrat were to advocate violence against a Republican President (such as our last one), that person would certainly arouse the ire of more folks than just the Secret Service (when they’re not recreating in Cartagena), regardless of the man’s popularity (or lack thereof). Our men and women in Uniform are taught that showing honorable behavior toward the President has nothing to do with the character of the man himself. To the contrary, it is about the respect due to the *Office* of the President of the United States, and the duty temporarily owed to whomever holds the appointed position of Commander-in-Chief. I am sure that this factor more than any other contributed to the Army’s decision. Ted Nugent has done much good for both Rock ‘n Roll and the American publics perception of our 2nd Amendment Rights. And indeed, Barack Obama has not only done neither but instead has done far worse. However, we don’t need celebrity gun advocates creating further propaganda to be used against us in our fight to protect our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. That kind of behavior will only contribute to the unconstitutional causes of the very people responsible for putting Barack Obama into Office. Personally, i think the Left has enough help already… they don’t need mine.
    Just my two cents, feel free and and all to disagree.

  • GW

    Funny how the liberal entertainers who bash and threaten conservative politicians are still allowed to entertain the troops

  • TexasDoubleTap

    I have to agree with Matt, that it certainly is a shame that our men and women providing military service are cheated out of a performance due to political BS. On another note, I’m getting sick and tired of people who claim to be “Texan” but really are NOT AT ALL, giving this state a bad rap. George Bush is from Connecticut and Ted Nugent is from Michigan. If it is their prerogative to embarrass themselves at least go back to YOUR OWN state and do it. Neither of the above mentioned people are indicative of Texas, of being a Texan, or even displaying the amount of respect REAL Texans show on a daily basis to anyone and everyone. Having money DOES NOT and WILL NOT EVER make you a true Texan, no matter how much Mossy Oak camo you wear!! I utilize my second amendment right every single day in Texas and I support the NRA. I DO NOT support dipsh*t republicans and democrats raised with a diamond encrusted golden spoon in their mouth, especially those who constantly claim to be something THEY ARE NOT!! I highly doubt either of the gentlemen previously mentioned have ever been in the presence someone who is REALLY from Texas (and not one of their corporate brown-nosing buddies), much less have they put in a hard days work in their entire life (and when I say a hard days work I mean out on a ranch, not talking trash in your office or your mansion). Quit giving my state a bad name, shut up or go somewhere else, maybe YOUR OWN STATE!! May God bless all of our troops sacrificing for our nation!!!

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Well that sucks for the Military, too bad politics got in the way.