Military wives go topless in ‘Battling Bare’ to fight PTSD in soldiers (video).

WSMV Channel 4 A group of military wives are taking…

WSMV Channel 4

A group of military wives are taking a head-turning approach to help combat a crisis. They are going bare, while baring their souls to raise awareness about post traumatic stress disorder and the need for treatment.

It all started with just one picture and a Facebook post, and within months the movement included hundreds of women from around the world taking off their tops to “battle bare.”

“This is a pledge that you’re making for your spouse that, in my opinion, is just as important as marriage vows,” Wise said.

Wise said she came up with the pledge to battle bare out of desperation, which she said grew as she tried to get help for her husband, who suffered from PTSD at Fort Campbell.

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