MILITARY WRAPS’ Adhesive Vinyl Camo Wraps

Military Wraps™, Inc., has developed multiple varieties of vinyl-adhesive process,…


Military Wraps™, Inc., has developed multiple varieties of vinyl-adhesive process, to all categories of military vehicles: Land, Sea and Air, both manned and unmanned , weapons, equipment, engineered structures and buildings.

– Military Wraps
– Marina Wraps
– Building Wraps
– Surveillance Application for Mobile and Hard Fixtures Assets
– Concealment and Deception Products and Methods
– Camouflage System for Military Weaponry Equipment & Hardware
– One Way Visibility Products
– Aircraft Wraps
– Custom Projects
– Private sector Wraps
– P.I.R.A.T.E. ™ Systems
– Photo-Veil ™ Systems
– Multi-Ply ™ Systems

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  • Mike Witek

    Looking to see if you have multicam wraps for sniper weapon system? I am LE


  • Operator

    Actually- I saw this at a Defense Show in Va.-INCREDIBLE CAMO !
    They’re The best right now.

    It’s actually pretty astonishing that no-one had thought of this.

    I think Adam missed the point!

    Military Wraps is using actual terrain and battlefield Photography as a basis for camouflage…ummm… That’s a HUGE step beyond some ACU,CADPAT,MARPAT etc. These new approaches have even surpassed Area of Responsibility Camouflage…THIS is Mission Specific Camouflage.

    Finally a company that answered the call for better camouflage. Wow-Talk about blending in.

  • Adam

    This process has been around for a long time. It appears this company Military Wraps have invented their own pattern. I don’t think that is a very astute marketing move. There are actually other companies wrapping military vehicles using branded patterns such as ACU, MARPAT, CADPAT and MultiCam.