VIDEO: Hitting the Range with Modern Outfitters’ Tack-Driving MR1 Bolt Gun

Loaded with strong features and machined for enhanced accuracy, the Modern Outfitters MR1 delivers the goods.

When a company known for its ARs enters the precision bolt gun realm, it is usually met with some skepticism. While gas guns can be extremely accurate, the world of bolt guns is much more of an art form. Even with the new challenge, this is exactly what the great minds at Modern Outfitters have done. In fact, the company has hit a major home run with its bolt gun designated the MR1. This rifle is a serious tack driver and is machined for enhanced accuracy and the tightest tolerances. Its action is 47 percent lighter than other steel actions, allowing for fast follow-up shots, speedy bolt cycling and less shooter-position disruption.

While loaded with unique and strong features, its short 60-degree bolt throw and competition style chassis really stand out. The MR1 sports the perfect balance between performance, weight and aesthetics. While the reputation of Modern Outfitters prepared me for what I expected to be a good gun, they have smashed through that and gone straight to exceptional.

Watch the video above to see the Modern Outfitters MR1 in action. To read more about it, be sure to pick the August/September 2017 issue of “Tactical Weapons” when it’s available. To subscribe, visit

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