MONADNOCK’s AutoLock Patrol Kit

Monadnock® has introduced its new AutoLock® Patrol Kit.  The kit…


Monadnock® has introduced its new AutoLock® Patrol Kit.  The kit incorporates three of Monadnock’s most popular baton products – the AutoLock baton, the Hindi Baton Cap™ and the AutoLock Front Draw® Holder – into one package, allowing law enforcement personnel to purchase a complete baton system at a low MSRP.

The AutoLock baton opens and closes at the push of a button and is designed with a revolutionary cam and ball bearing action, ensuring that the baton stays open while performing striking or jabbing techniques. Users also have the option of choosing either the Foam Grip or Super Grip®, providing a firm grasp during any situation.

To provide a high level of durability and baton retention, the AutoLock Front Draw Holder is made of durable polycarbonate and employs tension springs to hold the baton in place.  The front draw holder swivels 360 degrees with a clip-on back, allowing the baton to be drawn quickly from any direction and re-holster while open or closed.

The Hindi Baton Cap, one of the latest advancements in baton technology, keeps the baton in hand while engaged and enhances performance. Incorporating a firm grip for improved control, the Hindi Baton Cap easily locates the baton while on the belt for even quicker drawing – boosting officer confidence.  Additionally, the Power Safety Tip® provides larger, more effective striking force.

Monadnock’s AutoLock Patrol Kit is available with a plain or basketweave holder, with an MSRP starting at $149.95.

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