Mossberg 12 Gauge Tactical Duo | 590A1 & 930 SPX Shotguns

For street-to-street and house-to-house combat, it’s the 590A1 and 930 SPX shotguns!

You don’t need a doctorate in history to realize that the saga of human conflict is cyclical. Consider the history of modern warfare. One of the most noteworthy instances of the shotgun’s use in combat came from World War I and the infamous Winchester “Trench Guns.” Every true gun guy knows the story of the feared shotguns and how the Germans were reportedly “terrorized” by the use of scatterguns in close combat.

mossberg1.jpgWorld War II was a slightly different story with semi-automatic Garand rifles and Thompson submachine guns being the battlefield norm. Everyone remembers images of Marines clearing the jungles of Japanese-held islands with the Thompson guns in hand or the GI (Government Issue) bounding a hedgerow in Normandy with his Garand.

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  • AJ

    mossberg is defintely one of the “best bang” for your buck. I wouldnt go as far to say that its the best ever. I would probably rather have a Benelli M4 if I had to choose. I have a mossberg and it works fabulous, still not the best. Lots of people use the 18.5″ barrel, i personally use a 22″ barrel. Definitely no adjustable trigger on these babies, just pump it and squeeze it.

  • armorer1911

    The shotgun in the picture is the Mossberg M590A1. The above barrel is 18.5″ in use by USMC/Navy. This product is catalog number is #51411. This is one fantastic shotgun!

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  • bozoboy

    mossberg 51411, also known as the best shotgun on earth bar none. Trust me, it’s true.

  • What type of Mossberg Shotgun is in this picture? It looks almost like a 590 Special Purpose without the heatsheild and without a speedfeed. Does anyone know what exact model of Mossburg this is?