Mossberg 930 Tactical 12GA

The Mossberg 930 Tactical 12GA is a special purpose semi-auto shotgun that really delivers!

Mossberg 930 revamp

LONG CONSIDERED the ultimate short-range fight stopper, the Mossberg 930 12 gauge scattergun may have lost ground to the carbine in today’s cop car, but it’s picking up steam in areas where a rifle may not be politically correct for more specialized close-in applications. Right now we have a wide choice of quality pumps and semi-autos for an offensive or a defensive use.

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You can get by without the bells, whistles, and inertial guidance systems on the market and without spending several thousand dollars to do it. Basic performance and what you can do with it is what matters, and without it no amount of cool bolt-ons will keep you out of trouble if the fan starts up.

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