Mossberg ZMB Series Shotguns

Going with a trend, the Mossberg ZMB Series of shotguns includes .30-30 Win rifles and 12 gauge pump shotguns.

The latest craze in the realm of shooting competitions, zombie-themed fun shoots, has a new player on the field in 2012 – the Mossberg ZMB Series including a specialty lever-action .30-30 Win rifle and 12-gauge pump-action shotguns. Initial offerings include the 464™ ZMB lever-action rifle, 500® ZMB 8-Shot pump-action shotgun and 500 Chainsaw ZMB 6-Shot pump-action shotgun. All three guns have the lime green “ZMB” logo proudly emblazoned on the receiver and boast the most highly-desired zombie-slaying features.


464 ZMB Lever-Action Rifle – Based on the time-proven, Mossberg 464 lever-action platform, this rifle has quick-adjusting, tactical-style 6-position synthetic stock; Picatinny tri-rail forend with rubber ladder rail covers; durable black oxide receiver; compact 16 ¼-inch barrel with removable A-2 style flash suppressor; adjustable 3-dot fiber optic sights; front and rear sling swivel studs; six-round total capacity; matte blued metal finishes; and drilled/tapped receiver with scope rail included.

500 ZMB 8-Shot Pump-Action Shotgun – At the core of this ZMB Series gun is the 500 Persuader®. This 12 gauge, 3-inch pump-action has a standard full-length black synthetic stock; tactical Picatinny-compatible tri-rail forend; extended mag tube for 8-round total capacity; 20-inch cylinder bore barrel with bead sight; matte black metal finishes; drilled and tapped receiver; sling swivel studs; and handy black padded sling. This versatile 500 platform can easily be customized for your individual needs.


500 Chainsaw ZMB Series 6-Shot Pump-Action Shotgun – This 12 gauge, 3-inch 500 Cruiser® has distinctive, chainsaw-style forend grip; ergonomic pistol grip stock and tactical tri-rail forend with integral full-length bottom rail and removable side rails. Pistol grip and forend are molded of durable synthetic with matte black finish. Better balance and ease of maneuverability are achieved with the compact 18 ½ inch stand-off barrel with single white dot sight. Other standard features on the 500 Chainsaw ZMB include matte black metal finishes; drilled and tapped receiver; sling swivel studs; padded sling; and 6-round total capacity. Completing this full-featured package is a laser and light combo.

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  • zombie

    I think its cool….in today’s society, there are a bunch of zombies. How is this retarded or stupid, it will put a hole in you 🙂

  • Rick

    The 500 ZMB is a poor man’s 590A1.

  • Gunny

    I dont get the lever action… But they did make a great breacher, i’d love to see it without the dumb little decals so i wouldnt have to spray paint it like my usmc issued mossy.. However i would have killed for that saw grip, breaching rounds are no joke when you got a pistol grip

  • Wolf1978

    The chainsaw grip is what the Marine Corps uses for breeching door. It has a purpose and not just for looks.

  • AMERICA!!!

    … a shotgun that needs a chainsaw handle on it?

    No… thats the most ghetto shit I ever seen my entire life.

    Thats like seeing someone with a ghetto grip on SIDE RAIL (not bottom) on a M4.

  • Rick

    You guys are all Wack. These are some of the coolest looking guns this year!

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  • J Hughes

    Putting on ATI stocks and Barska lights doesnt make your gun cool! LOL

  • J Hughes

    Zombie theme = ghey

  • WTF is this Zombie Hype ??? This is the ugliest and most stupid lever action ever. This chainsaw grip would be good for the movie “from dusk till dawn” but not for any shooter who has some brain left..

  • Andy from CT

    Worst pistol grip EVAR. And yes the chainsaw grip is stupid too.

  • AJ

    I dont know what to say. I have already ZMB’d my Mossberg 400G to the “Mossberg 400G Tactical Zombie Slayer”.I would attach photos but I have no idea how?

    I love it!…except that STUPID lever action hunk a junk! Stupidest thing I have ever seen.

  • CBec

    Mossberg has gone full retard


  • ::face palm::