MOSSBERG’s 100ATR Night Train II

Mossberg 's new 100ATR Night Train II bolt-action rifle is…

Mossberg ‘s new 100ATR Night Train II bolt-action rifle is a tack-driver equipped with the new adjustable LBA™ (Lightning Bolt Action) Trigger System and free-floating 22” button-rifled barrel. To further enhance the performance of this well-balanced and fast handling bolt gun, the Night Train II features upgrades including a factory-mounted Barska 6-24 x 60mm variable scope; muzzlebrake; Harris Bipod; and neoprene comb raising kit with foam cheek pad inserts—all factory installed. The integral top-load magazine offers a 4+1 capacity with .308 Win cartridges while providing reliable feeding and simple loading and unloading. Available in black or digital camo, every 100ATR Night Train II is fully factory assembled and includes a free gun lock and two-year limited warranty.

Product Specifications
Action Type: Bolt-Action centerfire
Calibers: .308 Win
Trigger: Lightning Bolt Action™ Trigger System
Stock: Synthetic, black or digital camo
Magazine type: Top load magazine
Magazine Capacity: 5 rounds including one in the chamber
Barrel Length: 22”
Metal Finish: Matte Blue
Optic: Factory-mounted Barska 6-24x60mm variable scope
Avg. Weight: 9.5 lbs.

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  • Roger

    Look at the article on the left for more reviews. Don’t buy one of these rifles!

  • Vic

    Muzzle break ups the awesome look factor. But that is it I still want one. can always upgrade the scope at a later date.

  • Jeff M.

    All I have to say is I couldn’t be any unhappier with my night train. The optics have to go,barrel dosnt free float and the bipod sucks. It shoots all over the place. wish i wolud of gone with a rem. 700.

  • I strongly disagree with all of the bad comments about Barska optics, maybe I was a lucky one. I bought a 100 atr in 30-06 when they first came out and was a little reluctant, but for the price I had to. I took the stock off and did a small amount of fine tuning the barrel clearance to make sure when the heat built up it would not touch. I mounted a Barska 9x32x60 scope and went to the range. I did a proper break in and zeroed the scope for 100yds. I shot consistent 1″ or less groups for hours with multiple brands of ammo. For the next trip I took three brands of quality ammo and some specific reloads I had for another rifle. I shot the same type groups at 100yds and decided to move out to 300yds and was very impressed to see sub moa groups with all but one type of ammo. The next step was 500yrds and I could keep all shots on a 8″ target. Never once have I had to re-zero my scope nor have I had a single issue from the gun or scope. My friend and I had friendly competitions with his Ruger MK2 Target that costs twice as much as my 100atr and has a $350 Leupold scope. More often than not I was the victor and even when swapping rifles the 100atr had the advantage. Yes his Leupold was more clear, but my scope was almost a third the cost and I had more zoom and could easily call his shots better than he could. As far as fogging, any scope taken from an ac 60 degree room to a 100 degree outdoors will fog on the outside of the lens, thats just physics. On the brake, I sure do wish I had one one the 30-06 because it will tear your shoulder up after 30+ rounds. One more far as Rem 700s go, they can fire by themselves and have even killed people with the older faulty safety and they cost twice as much as the atr. I give my atr a 5 star review and my 500 12g the same. Just my 2 cents.

  • steve b

    Hey jason,work for the other gun makers.sounds like it,must have payed you a lot.

  • Jackson

    I wish they made a .243 model

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  • tommy

    i have the atr100 in the .270caliber and never had a lick of trouble with it .mossberg makes a fine gun no matter if it’s a shotty or rifles.i plan on buying one of these as my next gun .and it also seems that the haters on here are complaining of the scope??wowo go out and buy a better scope for it if thats all you got to grip about.

  • I got this gun on trade without the Barska scope. I installed a 4x12x40 Nikon prostaff scope and some leupold mounts.
    I zeroed it at 100 and it was shooting 1.2″ groups with Monarch cheapo ammo and about 1 min. between shots. I thnk it would def shoot sub moa @100 yrds if I would have had better ammo and let the barrel cool more between shots.
    I agree about the big muzzle brake being cheesy. But I did take a deer out @ 164 yrds so I was happy. Im not a long range shooter but so far it has met my expectations.
    I think the gun is decent, but I think there are better guns out there for the money.


    Where can I find a new .308 Night Train 2 in digital camo. I saw this gun in the Mossberg catalog from my kids shot guns and I WANT ONE. Bad.

  • Jason Bently

    If the bell on that cheap scope were any larger, SETI would send out black helicopters. I bet it tracks “po russki” meaning inconsistently and parallax and blur are what you get when it doesn’t fog up and retain moisture within. Total junk.

  • Jason Bently

    Generally, the Howa 1500 is a Japanese copy of a SAKO L69 action, improved with an m16 extractor, an excellent action of the old great SAKO. That is why Howa and Weatherby use it and why it is better head to head than the 700 action (Both rock). Mossberg should have retained that action with little mods, but the hybridization of it with Savage 110 concepts is like trading a Cadillac for a Ford. I would suggest returning to it for a Mossberg “sniper rifle” concept. The ATR/4 X 4 are great values for hunters, but this thing and its predecessor shout that they are not for tactical shooters. All in all, a varmint rifle is fine but not milspec and this silly looking “package” illustrates why.

  • Jason Bently

    OK, is this a varmint rifle or a wannabe tactical type “sniper rifle”?! The scope is poop. Millet makes a decent, cheap scope. Metal finish should match stock. Cheek pad is questionable and something the buyer should get for himself. The muzzle break is out of control and retarded, totally unnecessary. 7.62N recoils 17ft. lbs on a sporter rifle. Barrel should have no less than a .9 STRAIGHT CONTOUR, not some sort of Varmint/HBAR hybrid. Should leave bipods and such to the purchaser. Barrel should either be 20″, 24″, or 26″, not some sort of sporter length. In general, Mossberg would do good to look at the PSS and emulate, leave optics, bipods, etc. to the buyers (scrap anti-tank gun WWII MB), finesse the trigger on this thing (2-3 lbs) and look into developing 5R barrels or even polygonal, lap the lugs and barrel and charge $500.00 for a weapon with a HS Precision type full bedding block stock and maybe provide an AZ NM Desert treated leather sling. Provide Weaver type “tactical scope mount.” If the finish is not going to match, BLACK MOLYCOATING and a black real, non tupperware stock. Mossberg made this thing for the “value shooter” who watches movies and doesn’t shoot and in that it is overpriced with JUNK components. The ATR/4 X 4 ARE GOOD rifles, great entry level for new and returning or budget hunters, but, honestly, this concept has been formulated by somebody who doesn’t get it by people who might think this unfunctional monstrosity looks “cool.”

  • Jake

    Looks cool at first sight but it has one of the worst optics out there. Sure its clear at 100 yards but take her out to 500 and beyond not so clear. The muzzle brake is mainly for show, a .308 isn’t that bad to shoot in my opinion. and their are better rifles for less or equal money howa 1500, remington sps tactical, sps varmint, savages “which have amazing triggers” the list goes on and on.

  • barry n odell

    the triger is dangerouse it will fire without being touched if you pull the triger with the saftey on and then remove the saftey it will fire just bey removing the saftey no trigger pull just removing the saftey the optics are questionable still trying to get it right hope i have better luck next time out is only a three plus one will not hold five from the factory is certainly a lower end gun at not so low a price not sure how i feel about mine yet i demand quality at any price to me cheeper is no reson not to have quality. and im still out on wether or not this is quality,I hope it is this is a lot of money for me..gone to be getting in touch with mossburg on the trigger issue,let you know what i hear..

  • James ( Oklahoma )

    I cant believe Mossberg went with Barska Optics, That is one Optic That will not maintain a Zero. The Bolt Is junk, Trigger is Horrible. Stick with there shotguns, They do make Very nice shotguns

  • Charles L. Heasley

    The Night Train 2 should come with the Monster Muzzle Brake equipped on it stock.

  • tom

    I bought this gun on a whim and love it. I have a bad shoulder and was leary about the recoil. I can shoot this all day. The accuracy for the price is great and then some.

  • Aaron Land

    Mossberg is quality all around and the pricing is just icing on the cake i bought a 100 atr in 30-06 and this rifle has the smoothest bolt i have ever felt even compared to the ruger 700 i had a choice to buy either one they were priced the same at my gun dealer but i bought the mossberg. If youre complaing about the scope or muzzle break or even the trigger, you sound like a glock owner. This is a great rifle and the night trains are just a step up.

  • Ron

    Paul, I get what you are saying. Most people don’t have 2 grand to drop on a gun hobby. I do but I’m not dumb enough to do it. There are just much better options in the same price range. To again make my point, the ATR’s Bolt face is only pressed on. The recoil lug is weak and comb hight is wrong. Again you don’t have to spend 2 grand for a decent gun. That is the hole pont of the ATR in the first place. Great motivation bad exicution. Now since I have crawled on my soap box should offer a solution. First, fix the bolt, second, a stronger recoil lug, third put a correct stock on the gun. both Bell & Carlson and Hogue have options that won’t adversely impact the price. rourth, ditch the Barska and use a Nikko Sterling Nighter, It isn’t my first choice but shoots strait and it won’t adversely effect the price point.

  • jacob

    best gun i have ever shot its a very good gun for the price

  • paul

    Ford, Chevy, or Chrysler everyone has their favorites. Mossberg started out making rifles, pistols, and shotguns if you recall. The ATR rifle is an affordable rifle that gives you quality for price. If you have $2000 of disposable income buy a high end bolt gun. Not everyone does though. This is where the ATR series shines. The average working guy can now afford a .30 caliber centerfire. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it.

  • Ron

    Folks I hate to be the fly in the soup but Mossberg needs to stick to making shotguns. That is something that they do quite well. The ATR is not what I would call a quality firearm much less a tactical rifle. don’t even get me started with their choice of optics. I totally get that they are trying to keep the price down, but there is a much better way to do it.To prove my point take a look at the Howa 1500 varmint supreme with a Nikko Sterling optic. Same price range and you have a solid 1000 yard gun with good ammo. As far as the clambshell brake on a .308, its just a tacticool marketing gimic. There is nothing wrong with a brake on a .308 I have one on mine. but at the end of the day, dressing the ATR up as some kind of tactical rifle is bad idea at best. Now a new Mossberg Shotgun would hold my attention real fast.

  • stub

    i ordered 2 from buds only took 2 weeks and most was waiting on credit card to approve the sale

  • jeff

    yes they are out but hard to find i ordered mine at my gun deeler and it took over 4 months for them to get one in

  • denton

    has the mossberg 100atr night vision 2 come out yet

  • denton

    where can i get a muzzle brake like that one

  • I have a Mossberg ATR 100 in 30.06 caliber. Does Mossberg have a muzzle brake for this model? Thanks.