MPT Firearm Lubricant

First is their new synthetic high-penetration lubricant; MPT Firearm Lubricant.…

First is their new synthetic high-penetration lubricant; MPT Firearm Lubricant. This new ultra-long lasting lubricant is formulated to actually penetrate the metal, not just surface lube. It contains special rust inhibitors and acts as a cleaner thanks to its metal penetration characteristics.

MPT firearm lubricant contains molybdenum/PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) providing a long lasting lubrication and a slippery smooth surface by filling microscopic voids throughout the metal.

MPT Firearm lubricant has a highly-functional wide temperature range of minus 60 to +500 degrees F. It comes in a ½ ounce (14ml) handy lubricant pen with a $7.95 MSRP.

MPT also manufactures a high-tech gun grease called MPT Gun Grease (that’s original). Regardless of the name this gun grease has a base formula consisting of silicone and PTFE. White as snow it penetrates and fills the metal surface and is the longest lasting gun grease available anywhere.

Thanks to its operating range of minus 50 to +600 F degrees MPT Gun Grease and their lubricant are ideal for everything from a single shot .22 to high-rate-of-fire military firearms. It comes in a variety of sizes but the best for most consumers is their 2-ounce “tub” MSRP $10.95.

MPT Industries has a wide variety of non-solvent products which may be viewed at:

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